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At PCT Federal Credit Union, we know purchasing a home is a big decision. Our knowledgeable loan officers are here to help you weigh out your options and understand the benefits of home ownership. Whether you’re interested in conventional first mortgages or government programs, we are here every step of the way.

Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.750%  4.913%  0.000%
15 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.250%  4.529%  0.000%
10 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.375%  4.776%  0.000%
5/1 Adjustable Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.125%  4.757%  0.000%
FHA 30 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.250%  6.432%  0.000%
FHA 15 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.000%  5.239%  0.000%
Federal VA 30 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.500%  4.882%  0.000%

Rates Quoted Above are Subject
to a 1% Origination Fee.

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1 = Rates are determined by credit history. Your rate may be higher than the quoted rate.
2 = Requires an automatic payment deduction from a PCT Federal Credit Union checking or savings account.
3 = Other costs may apply in some circumstances. Example, discharge fees, trust-related costs, appraisal fees if needed.
4 = If the plan is closed within the first three years you will be liable to reimburse the credit union for any costs paid on your behalf. Any amount owed may be added to the principal balance.
5 = Annual Percentage Yield
6 = Limited time offers. Some restrictions may apply. Not valid on current PCTFCU loans.
7 = Maximum term allowed for loan is determined by the year of the vehicle.
8 = Loan funds are disbursed into member’s PCTFCU savings account and pledged as collateral on the loan. No funds will be disbursed to the member at loan closing. As payments are made, the funds will be released to the member. The granting of a Credit Builder Loan does not guarantee future loans.

Mortgage Calculator